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Providing tools for both health professionals and the public to distribute, manage, and protect human resources.



With 35+ years of experience in the health industry, TK Health offers, under a white label platform, a global health solution that enables:

  • Proactive health management.

  • Optimized health costs.

  • Improved risk and liability management.

  • Secure open communications between individuals and their networks.

Accessed via licensing, TK Health is able to meet the specific needs of clients, while streamlining technological advancements and meeting the demands of various markets worldwide.



Based on years of research and input from hundreds of healthcare professionals, TK Health has developed a large range of services dedicated to the health market. These services rely on a set of core skills and proficiency.

TK Health Data Protection.

Data Protection

Medical data are some of the most sensitive in the world and need to be protected. Therefore, TK Health uses the best technologies to ensure data security and safekeeping.

TK Health Data Protection.

Data Management

Since more and more data will be collected in the future, TK Health has been developed with the capacity to be expanded at any point.

TK Health Data Protection.

Secure Sharing

Exchanging information should be simple and secure, especially within the health market. TK Health provides a variety of safe channels that meet the security needs for every kind of communication.

TK Health Inc.
TK Health Inc.


Through the TK Health platform, individuals are provided medically credible, easy to access, confidential records that store data in a secure way. These records represent a snapshot of their current health and emergency medical information.


Over the past 35 years, TK Health has built up extensive knowledge on analyzing medical data. TK Health owns hundreds of algorithms for different purposes, such as healthcare, sports, psychology, and much more. These algorithms build scores that can show the health status of an individual, and even the overall health of a community.

TK Health Inc.


The owner of a TK Health record controls and manages access to it. Access is also given to registered healthcare professionals. TK Health provides multiple identification processes, depending on the level of security needed, such as smart card, biometric, partner programs, and more.

During an emergency situation, a designated part of the record can be accessed via a credit card, travel card, drivers license, passport, or national ID number.

TK Health Inc.


TK Health provides a variety of secure channels for any communication between individuals and various networks, such as physicians, coaches, family, and others. The record owner is immediately notified if a network member changes any data and can choose to accept or decline the change.

TK Health Inc.


TK Healths integrated reporting capabilities give a global view of a communitys overall health status.


Allows insurance companies to provide better healthcare cost estimations in order to improve risk and liability management. For example, TK Health can be integrated directly into accident, travel, car, or life insurance policies.


Allows private companies to create new ways for employers to track and analyze employee health in order to negotiate optimal insurance policies. For example, TK Health can be integrated directly within a Human Resources department and systems.


Allows government entities to provide subsidies to parties monitoring their health with the goal of long-term improvement. For example, TK Health can be integrated directly within a Human Resources department and systems.

And Much More...

The TK Health platform can be customized to meet market demands. Through key partnerships across various channels, the platform can quickly meet the needs of the client. TK Health is provided as a standalone platform, but can be integrated with other service providers:

  • Integration with sports insurance and competition licenses through sports clubs and national sport federations.

  • Integration with loyalty programs.



TK Health's main platform is available on the market and comes with secured technologies that ensure security and reliability.


  • Web: Accessible through a web browser
  • Mobile: iOS and Android
  • Third-party tracking: Smart watches & connected wristbands


  • Localization
  • Health monitoring
  • Accelerometers to detect falls or abnormal behaviors

TK Health can generate health scores for every context. These scores, provided by algorithms, are based on health averages and are developed in collaboration with medical specialists.

Due to the critical nature of health data, TK Health must answer to the highest security standard. In order to achieve this, TK Health provides a set of innovative technologies that meet the need for protection on every piece of data.


TK Health uses a process of anonymization for all data stored in the platform, on top of every standard protocol required by this industry that allows private patient data to remain confidential.


Every communication made through the TK Health platform is encrypted by a software called Floware, which encrypts data with one of the strongest encryption standards nowadays: the AES-256 algorithm.


The TK Health platform allows patients, physicians, and insurers to communicate in a confidential, secure environment where no information is unintentionally shared.

Clinical Research Platform

A clinical platform that can manage, improve, and share data with patients and professional through a multi-consultation platform with medical experts: the Big Medical Data Access.

Genomic Mapping

Genomic mapping is key to providing the best available medication to patients. Laboratory platforms rely on customized analysis of patient's profiles, test results, and research data to test the effectiveness of medications.



TK Healths services are available through several types of licensing agreements. These are all non-exclusive and tailored to many different markets, depending on where they are deployed.


Licensees pay TK Health a license fee to adapt solutions and modify software in order to meet the specific needs of the client and reserve access to the system. A fee-for-service in the form of a royalty deal is paid to TK Self Sufficient. This is based on the effective deployment of solutions and services.


TK Health has the ability to rapidly increase production to meet the needs of users, while simultaneously protecting the integrity of the system and security of the client.



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